How I Made A Full Stack Angular Application

  • Choosing a project
  • Gathering requirements
  • Designing the application
  • Learning required skills
  • Creating a prototype
  • The final application
  • Deploying the website
  • Technologies: MongoDB, Angular, NodeJS, Express, Angular Material, S3, Elastic Beanstalk
  • Created REST API for database with Express.JS accepting CRUD commands on book data stored on MongoDB
  • Optimized UI to be responsive to different screen sizes using media queries
  • Implemented routing, auth guards, and interceptors in Angular to improve user experience

Choosing A Project

  1. Have someone that is counting on the website to fill their needs
  2. Uses skills in my primary field of interest
  3. Look good on my resume/application for the kind of job/company I was looking for
  4. Be small enough that I can take the project through to completion and be fully functional
  1. Fills real need for my family.
  2. Uses Angular which I had just learned through academind.
  3. I wanted to get a React.JS or Angular Front end development job. This would be MEAN full stack.
  4. Does not require many pages and uses primarily things I was already familiar with.

Gathering Requirements

One page of the design document

Designing The Application

Learning Required Skills

Creating A Prototype

The Final Application

Deploying The Website



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